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Feb 10, 2013 6:00pm PST
away their sins. china has overtaken the u.s. to become the world's biggest trading nation. china's imports and exports totalled 3.87 trillion dollars last year compared to 3.82 trillion for the u.s. the u.s. economy overall is still more than double the size of chinas. chinese new year's celebrations are ushering in the year of the snake. parades and fireworks marked the holiday. people born in the year of the snake are considered stylish and good with money. in beijing singer celine dion became the first foreigner to start an official new year's festivity. she sang a duet in mandarin chinese, one of china's most popular folk songs. still ahead, would you trade your car for a microcar?pr i choose date number 2! whooo! [ sigh of relief ] [ male announcer ] choose taste. choose prego. if you're living with moderate to severe crohn's disease, and it feels like your life revolves around your symptoms, ask your gastroenterologist about humira adalimumab. humira has been proven to work for adults who have tried other medications but still experience the symptoms of moderate to severe
Feb 2, 2013 6:00pm PST
three of the nation's biggest newspapers. some of these companies suspect that china is behind all of this and nancy cordes has been investigating. >> twitter called it an extremely sophisticated attack, that may have compromised as many as 250,000 user names passwords and e-mail addresses. a top official at the social networking site posted this message. this attack was not the work of amateurs, he said, and we do not believe it was an isolated incident. twitter won't say who is behind the attack, but it is the fourth high profile hacking to surface this week. atto date the washington post revealed it too had been targeted following similar announcements from the wall street journal and "the new york times". all three newspapers say they suspect the attacks originated in china. based on our experience, we would say there is a high degree of activity that originates from there. >> dave merkel is with mandiant the secure company that helped the post and the times identify and shut down the attacks. he says it is nearly impossible for companies to completely eliminate the threat of g
Feb 17, 2013 6:00pm PST
of a performance? >> which one is the perfect balance, you want if to be performance and fight. >> china has been fighting to get its national sport in the olympics for more than a decade. and this year the international olympics committee will consider adding wushu to the summer games of 2020. al bender has been the master teacher at a kung fu academy for more than 30 years. he says wushu is like another high-flying olympic sport gymnastics. >> you watch gymnastics. you get that wow factor. am i going to get that when i watch wushu. >> are you absolutely going to get that wow factor. you may get more because there are weapons. and those weapons are moving very very fast. >> reporter: but in order for wushu to be in the olympics wrestling which dates back to the olympic of ancient greece might be out. could it be that wrestles has become borg? the ioc cited a report that showed low tv ratings fewer internet hits and shrinking global coverage. wrestling isn't quite down for the count. it can get back in the 2020 games but has to beat out six other sports including wushu. >> there are teams all ove
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)